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  • Working Group Action Plans

    Bangalore – Cambridge Innovation Network Meet  Frugal Innovation Working Group Action Plan Moderators Prof S. Rajagopalan, IIIT, Bangalore Prof. Jaideep Prabhu, Judge Business School, Cambridge Two broad approaches Broadly, there [...]

  • Spirit of Eco Entrepreneurship

    Sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship are buzz words heard everywhere, including in business, academia and social circuits. All these elements came together at a reception hosted by my colleague Tom Wells [...]

  • Bangalore visits Cambridge

    It was very cold and rainy in Cambridge, but the warm welcome we received lifted our spirits! I led a group of academics and entrepreneurs to Cambridge 16 to 20 [...]

  • Discussions

    1. Post Cambridge visit updates Kumar mentioned that he was in touch with Dr.Shai and concrete actions would flow out of his meeting with Shai in July. Taslim spoke about [...]



Bangalore and Cambridge have a lot in common. Both are key technology clusters of their respective countries. Both the cities focus on knowledge-driven sectors such as biotechnology, information technology, advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology. Both are key R&D centres and have similar pace, attitude, and drive for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The vision of the Bangalore - Cambridge Network is to foster links between academics, businesses, researchers and entrepreneurs from both the cities leveraging upon each others’ ecosystems for mutual benefit.

The Bangalore - Cambridge Network aims to provide a platform to exchange ideas, technologies, build research and business collaborations, commercialise technology and provide access to new markets.